Faith FM 98.9

Rock of Jesus Ministry, pastored by Bishop Bryant Cox, and located in Five Cays Providenciales, officially commissioned its radio station – 98.9 Faith FM, on Sunday, April 27 2006 – and has already been regarded by many listeners as one of the most soothing gospel stations in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The station, according to its operators, promises to host wholesome programmes, and will serve as a real religious experience for listeners of all groups, especially those seeking a peaceful and inspiring break from the ‘violence, scandals and unhappiness generally associated with today’s media’. According to Bishop Cox, 98.9 Faith FM is fully digital and was built on the cutting edge of technology, adding that the station is geared to give listeners the clearest of frequencies in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In giving an overview of the station, member of the Rock of Jesus Ministry, Heather Robertson, said during the testing period, 98.9 FAITH FM could be heard on Providenciales, Parrot Cay, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and Salt Cay. She said it is the ministry’s intention to upgrade the station’s frequency to the point that it covers not only South Caicos and the country’s capital Grand Turk, but also the wider Caribbean and parts of the United States . Meanwhile, Bishop Cox said it was a challenge to set-up the digital radio station after the necessary equipment arrived in the Turks and Caicos Islands, but Cable and Wireless engineer Audley Gibbs assisted in making sure that it was skillfully set up and commissioned into service.

“When we were in the process of setting up this state-of-the-art radio station, we ran into some very difficult days, and I said to my wife, ‘God may not want us to have this radio station, because it was giving us so much problems,’ and we had spent all this money to set it up. “Some days we had a lot of problems, one time the station was down for more than a week, and that was the most miserable week this year thus far, because there was not anybody I could pick off the streets to assist me with this. So I had to turn to the only expert (Audley Gibbs) in the Turks and Caicos Islands for assistance,” Bishop Cox said. Bishop Cox noted, too, that he received tremendous support from Peter and Kay Stubbs, who offered him a great deal of advice, noting that at no time did the persons who assisted him in setting up the station request any money, since they believed in his vision. He said 98.9 FAITH FM, which first went on the air in December of last year, underwent a five-month testing, since they wanted to ensure that its frequencies were clear and were giving the desired results.

Bishop Cox praised the church members for sacrificing everything in playing their part to ensure that the radio becomes a success. He noted that during the short term, based on its current operation, it is projected that 98.9 FAITH FM will require $30,000 per year to stay in operation.